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  • Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program

    Eligible homeowners facing foreclosure due to financial hardship may be eligible for temporary monthly mortgage payment assistance for up to five years. An EMAP loan is secured by a fixed-rate, subordinate mortgage on the homeowner's residence.

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • Energy Solutions

    Take action to save money and energy, benefit from renewable energy, and improve the comfort of your home. Find advice, resources and funding to complete energy-saving and clean energy improvements.

    Agency: Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
  • Environmental Engineering – Subsurface Sewage

    Approximately 30 percent of Connecticut's population resides in buildings that dispose of their domestic sewage with on-site sewage disposal systems that are typically conventional septic systems. Citizens can find design manuals for subsurface sewage disposal systems for households.

    Agency: Department of Public Health
  • Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Program

    This program prevents evictions and foreclosures through mediation and a Rent Bank. A trained mediator meets with tenants and landlords or homeowners and lenders to resolve disputes which may include unpaid rent or mortgage payments, repairs, housing code violations and communication problems. The Rent Bank provides funds to help pay rent or mortgage arrears.

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • Foreclosure Relief and Information

    Homeowners seeking advice on how to refinance their homes or modify their mortgages can participate in one of the periodic free mortgage assistance events held by the Department of Banking. Participants can meet individually with a mortgage lender or a HUD-approved housing counselor to review their options.

    Agency: Department of Banking
  • Home Improvement

    Home improvement contractors, plumbers, electricians and other workers must be licensed or registered to work in Connecticut. Residents who encounter problems they cannot resolve with a contractor can file a complaint with the Department of Consumer Protection. The department offers advice on choosing and working with contractors and can help mediate problems.

    Agency: Department of Consumer Protection
  • Homeowner Rehab Program

    The Department of Housing administers the Small Cities Community Development Block Program (CDBG) to non-entitlement communities. Among other things, this program finances local homeowner rehabilitation programs. Interested low-income individuals and families should contact their local municipality to see if they are currently offering a CDBG funded homeowner rehabilitation program.

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • Rental Security Deposits

    Tenants and landlords can read their rights and responsibilities pertaining to the collection, holding and return of rental security deposits.

    Agency: Department of Banking
  • Reverse Annuity Mortgages

    Reverse Annuity Mortgage programs are loans, which allow homeowners who need extra money to tap the equity in their homes.

    Agency: State Department on Aging