NOTICE: The Connecticut State Department of Education’s customer service window for educator certification will be closed, effective March 12, 2018. The last day of staffing will be Friday, March 9, 2018. Please Note: The Bureau of Certification will remain open and fully functioning. This change only impacts the street level customer service window. For more information about submitting applications and supporting documentation please review our Cert Alert.

Results Based Accountability (RBA)

Results-Based Accountability (RBA) is a disciplined way of thinking and taking action that can be used to improve quality of life in communities, cities, counties, states, and nations, as well as to improve the performance of programs. RBA is a simple, plain language approach to measurement that puts the focus on the ends and works backward to the means.  RBA enables policymakers, funders, and program administrators to identify how well they are doing in achieving a particular quality of life result and where they might need to make changes.