As of October 1, 2016, the Connecticut WIC Program provides Abbott Laboratories® Similac® Advance® or Similac® Isomil® Soy for healthy infants from birth to twelve months of age; whose mothers choose not to breastfeed or partially breastfeed or for whom breastfeeding is medically contraindicated. 

WIC can also provide women, infants and children with special/exempt formulas, such as hypoallergenic, hypercaloric, elemental, and metabolic formulas with an appropriate nutrition related ICD-10 code medical diagnosis. 

This page provides Connecticut WIC staff with formula resources in one place.  Resources posted to this page are intended for State and local agency staff only.  Additional information on Connecticut WIC Program formula can be found in Section 400 of the State Plan. 


Formula Resources


Approved Contract and Specialized formula medical food listing



Numbered Memos


17-022 Changes to CT WIC Program Formulary for Infant Formula and WIC Eligible Medical Foods

16-022 October 1, 2016 Contract Formula transition notification

16-015 Formula Changes


Similac formula changes


SPANISH Similac Formula changes


         Infant Formulas                                                

         Infant Formula for Mild Intolerance
         Children Formulas   
        Other Medical Food for Infant and Children

Forms and Aids


2016 Similac Product Portfolio Update

CT WIC Infant Formula Conversion Guide

Medical Documentation Form Instructions

Medical Documentation Form - Infants & Children


Medical Documentation Form - Women


WIC Special Formula Guidelines for Clinicians


ICD codes


Additional References


WIC 400-10 Policy Background and Definitions for Issuance of Contract Formulas, WIC Special Formulas and WIC Approved Medical Foods

WIC 400-11 Contract Formula Changes Q and A 7-15-16


Special Formula Product Code List

Formula Presentation 10-30-14

FDA Infant formula safety and preparation      

Spanish Infant formula safety and preparation (La FDA toma el paso final para proteger la fórmula para lactantes)

Updates on non-Connecticut WIC Approved products Periodically, Connecticut receives information about non-Connecticut WIC approved products. This information will be posted here.