Staff epidemiologists are available to facilitate use of CTR data for cancer research conducted by non-CTR investigators. For example, we frequently prepare customized datasets and statistical summaries of CTR data, and conduct linkages between external research datasets and the CTR database. Additionally, CTR undertakes individual research projects pertaining to tumor registry operations.

  • Projects with which CTR has recently collaborated:

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NCI Transplant Cancer Match Study

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World Trade Center Health Program

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Black Women's Health Study


  • CTR recently received SEER Rapid Response Special Studies (RRSS) funding for the following projects:

The SEER-Linked Virtual Tissue Repository.

This 2-year study aims to assess the ability of the CTR to serve as a resource for biospecimen research.

Improve Completeness of Treatment and Other Key Data Elements by Linkages with 15-month Resubmitted Data from CoC-Hospitals.
The objective of this 1-year study project is to explore an innovative method to 
obtain complete treatment data from CoC hospitals using previous 15-month data resubmission and linkages.

  • CTR data have been used in a large number of research studies. Publications using CTR data are listed in our bibliography: CTR bibliography 1935 – 2015 (PDF, 707 KB).

We strongly encourage all researchers conducting or planning epidemiological investigations that would benefit from the inclusion of CTR data to contact CTR epidemiologists.


Researchers requiring access to individual-level data will need to submit an application to the CTDPH Human Investigations Committee (HIC) and are advised to discuss specific data needs with CTR epidemiologists prior to submission.

                           For more information, please contact CTR at (860) 509-7163.

                   This work has been supported by federal funds from the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes

                         of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract No. HHSN261201300019I.