Letter of Support

Welcome to the Connecticut Department of Public Health Letter of Support page! As of May 1, all requests for letters of support by external partners should be submitted through this site and the process detailed below. Here you will find the necessary information to complete a request for a letter of support for your grant or other activity for which you would like CT DPH to be a partner.

The purpose of this new process is to ensure a standardized and consistent method to intake, review, and response to community partners requesting letters of support for grant applications or other reasons.  Our partners are important to us! Centralized coordination, review and documentation of these requests are necessary to ensure that DPH is responsive to your requests and that letters of support provided by DPH are consistent with public health goals and the agency’s existing policies and resources.

To get started:

Complete a letter of support request form for your organization.

You will get verification that your request was received. DPH will respond to your request within 3-5 business days.



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