Accreditation Learning Community

Vision: All Local Health Departments are well-positioned for accreditation

Mission: To improve Local Health capacity and readiness for accreditation through peer collaboration and resource sharing.

The Accreditation Learning Community is a peer network of CT health departments planning for or seeking accreditation and serves as a platform for participants to exchange and discuss accreditation-related tools, resources, and best practices. The Learning Community meets once a month via conference call and focuses on specific accreditation-related issues, such as developing a department's pre-requisites, interpreting PHAB Standards and Measure Version 1.5, and developing an agency's Quality Improvement and Performance Management system.

If you are a local or tribal health department in CT preparing for or seeking accreditation, and would like to participate in the Accreditation Learning Community, please contact Melissa Touma.

Meeting Materials



January CHIP Requirements Meeting Summary Meeting Slides



June Aligning Pre-Requisites Meeting Summary Meeting Slides
July Creating Performance Measures Meeting Summary Meeting Slides
August Health Equity Meeting Summary Meeting Slides
September Interpreting PHAB Measures Meeting Summary Meeting Slides
October Identifying Opportunities for Improvements Meeting Summary Meeting Slides
November Analyzing Root Cause Meeting Summary Meeting Slides