What is the Nurse Aide Registry?

A listing of nurse aides who have met Federal and/or State training and competency requirements needed for employment in nursing homes.

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How to be Placed on the CT Nurse's Aide Registry

To become a certified nurse's aide in Connecticut, you must meet one of the following eligibility routes:
*  If you meet the requirements of Routes 1, 2, 3 or 4 you are
     required to take the Connecticut nurse's aide competency

Route 1 - New Nurse's Aide Candidate

You would select this route if you have successfully completed a Connecticut approved training program  within the past 24 months. Prometric

Route 2 - Nurse or Student Nurse

You would select this route if you have successfully completed a course, or courses of no lese than 100 hours of theory and clinical instruction in a approved practical nursing or registered nursing program within the past 24 months.Prometric
Route 3 - Out-of-State Nurse's Aide
You would select this route if you have successfully completed a state approved nurse's aide training program in another state in the past 24 months that consisted of a minimum of 100 hours and have not successfully completed that state's examination. Prometric
Route 4 - Lapsed Nurse's Aide
You would select this route if you were a certified nurse aide in Connecticut but your certification has lapsed and you are not eligible for renewal.  You must take and pass both the clinical skills and written portions of the state exam to be active on the registry. Prometric

Route 5 - Completed Nurse's Aide Training and State Exam within the last 24 Months

You would select this route if you completed a nurse's aide training program consisting of a minimum of 100 hours and was administered the state exam within the past 24 months.  The training program must be governed by the Board of Regents for Higher Education (Community College) and approved by the Department of Public Health. Prometric

Route 7 - Reciprocity
You would select this route if you are currently active and in good standing on a registry in another state. Prometric

Certification and Renewal

Training Program Requirements and Approved Training Programs:
Additional Connecticut Nurse's Aide Registry Information:

Once a nurse's aide's name is on the registry it is never removed.  The nurse's aide will be identified as active or lapsed.  It will also identify whether there has been a negative finding against their certificate for resident abuse, resident neglect and/or misappropriation of resident property (stealing). 
  • A finding of resident abuse or misappropriation of resident property can never be removed from the registry. 
  • In the case of resident neglect, a nurse’s aide may petition to have the neglect finding removed if it was a singular occurrence and employment and personal history of the nurse’s aide does not reflect a pattern of abusive behavior or neglect. (You may contact the Department of Public Health Nurse Aide Registry regarding this process.)
  • If your certificate is flagged for resident abuse, neglect, misappropriation of resident property or Medicaid fraud on the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry, your certification will not be renewed and you are prohibited from working in a licensed chronic convalescent nursing home. 


The Connecticut Department of Public Health has contracted with Prometric to develop and manage its nurse's aide registry and to administer the Connecticut nurse aide competency exam. Direct all questions regarding the exam process and applications to Prometric: 


Prometric - CT Nurse Aide
7941 Corporate Dr.
Nottingham MD 21236
Phone: 866-499-7485  - press number 9
Fax: 800 813 6670



****All applications and supporting documents must be submitted to directly to Prometric.



If you have any additional questions, you can contact the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry at the Department of Public Health at (860) 509-7603 - press option #1 or by email at dph.nurseaide@ct.gov.