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Bingo Reporting

Thank you for submitting your Bingo reports. We hope you find this process both easy and efficient. This streamlined process is designed both to protect the integrity of Bingo games within the state as well as to ensure the most productive use of the state's resources.
Watch this step-by-step video of the new reporting process
  1. After each Bingo event, complete and retain the "Ten Day Bingo Report". These forms must be kept on file for 5 years from the close of the calendar year to which the records apply, for potential auditing. 

  2. Within 2 weeks of the end of each Quarter (March 31, June 30, Sep. 30, Dec. 31) complete the "Quarterly Bingo Summary Worksheet" (select format below) to determine your total payment due to the state. You must PRINT, SIGN AND SCAN IN this sheet after you've completed it, so that you may upload it as part of the online reporting process.

    Quarterly Bingo Summary Worksheet Formats:
    • Excel - you can fill in, and save to your computer
    • PDF - you can type into form, and then print out

    NOTE: A SEPARATE quarterly report must be filed for EACH Bingo Permit. For instance: If you have a Class A and a Class C, you must file 2 reports for the quarter.

    Exception: Class B permits will continue to file Ten Day reports after each event, though they will use the same online process as below. Class B permits do not have to complete or submit a Quarterly Report.

    Hint: Don't know your permit number? Look it up online 

  3. Login to the state's online licensing system using the username and password that were provided to your organization.

  4. Select "New Application" under "ONLINE SERVICES".
    new app

  5. Select "Bingo Report" under "Gaming".
    bingo report

  6. Confirm or update the organization's contact information

  7. Enter the required information as requested, including
    - Total Receipts for the quarter (Line 5 of the Summary Worksheet)
    - Total Value of Cash & Prizes for the quarter (Line 6 of the Summary Worksheet)
    - Whether a grand prize was dispersed; if so, enter date(s) and amount(s)

  8. Select "Add to Invoice"

  9. Pay invoice with credit/debit card

  10. You will receive a receipt by email
    NOTE: If you do not see the receipt online and/or receive a copy by email, you have not successfully completed the process.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I pay online from our Bingo checking account?
You have two options:
Preferred - You can have your bank issue a debit card associated with your checking count.
Allowable - You can have a member use their personal credit card, and then reimburse the member.
Don't the regulations require that all expenses be paid on numbered checks from the Bingo checking account?
While it is true that the regulations do stipulate that requirement under Sec. 7-169-27a, the regulations also allow the Commissioner to waive regulations that are "in the best interests of the state of Connecticut and the operation of bingo games" (Sec. 7-169-35a). By accommodating online payments, this allows the most cost effective use of the state's resources.
What if our organization wishes to pay by check?
To pay by check, please mail your completed "Quarterly Bingo Summary Worksheet" and the accompanying check, payable to "Treasurer of the State of CT", to: Department of Consumer Protection, Gaming Division, Charitable Games Accounting, 450 Columbus Blvd., Suite 901, Hartford, CT 06103. The worksheet and payment must be received within 2 weeks of the end of the quarter.
If yours is a one-time event, you should still use this online submittal system. However, instead of using and uploading the quarterly report, you will upload and use the data from your 10-Day Report. You should file this through the online system within 10 days - you should not wait for the end of the quarter.