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Real Estate Education and Exam Information

Am I required to complete CE? 
What if I am a reciprocal license holder? 
What if I am a referral only agent?
All license holders must complete CE prior to every even-year renewal. You are only exempt if you PASSED A CONNECTICUT LICENSING EXAM during the CE period. The CE completion for 2018 renewal is 6/1/2016-5/31/2018 for Salespersons and 4/1/2016-3/31/2018 for Brokers. You may not apply any CE that was utilized for a previous license period to the current CE cycle. 

Connecticut DOES NOT EXEMPT ANYONE from completion of Connecticut specific continuing education.  You must complete approved courses via a CT approved school and retain your certificates of completion for a minimum of 4 years.  You will find instructions for looking up approved school/courses below. 

All license holders must complete CE. Choosing to only utilize your license for referrals does NOT exempt you from Connecticut CE requirements.