A-SBIRT is a comprehensive, integrated, public health approach to the delivery of early intervention and treatment services for adolescents with substance use disorders, as well as those who are at risk of developing disorders.

is the first step of the SBIRT process and determines the severity and risk level of the adolescent’s substance use.

  • Uses a reliable and valid brief questionnaire (S2BI, CRAFFT).
  • Determines whether a brief intervention or referral to treatment is a necessary next step.
A Brief Intervention is a short, structured “conversation” with adolescents reporting “monthly” use in the past year to build commitment to change through Motivational Interviewing. 
  • Weighs pros and cons of behavior in light of goals and values.
  • Describes risks associated with use.
  • Provides advice about substance use limits.
  • Supports change by helping adolescents develop action plans.

Referral to Treatment
facilitates access to specialty care for adolescents showing more severe signs of substance use involvement (those reporting “weekly” or more frequent use).
  • Requires relationships with local substance use treatment services  to provide an immediate link with appropriate levels of care and acceptable options.
  • Incorporates a warm hand-off process to increase success rate (before the adolescent changes his or her mind!).
  • Includes exchanges of information between the referral source and the behavioral health provider in order to allow for ongoing follow-up and monitoring of the adolescent. 
To request A-SBIRT training, please fill out this online Request Form. You will be provided with the names of trainers in your area.



In addition, there is a free web-based training which offers three online training simulations:  SBIRT with Adolescents, SBIRT Skills Assessment, and At-Risk in Primary Care.  There are 7,000 licenses available in order to access this training.  Licenses will be available through August 2018 and include Continuing Education Units (CEU) for CME, CNE, and NASW. 


To request access to the Kognito Virtual Learning on Adolescent Screening and Brief Intervention (A-SBI), please fill out this online Request Form.

To obtain information on adult SBIRT, please check out the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) CT SBIRT Program.
Check out our A-SBIRT resource booklet and related brochures!