Chapter 44

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Policy Manual:  Health Care

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 Standards and Practices for Children with Complex Medical Needs

    Health and Medical Services for Children in Placement  44-4-1
    Transportation to Medical Appointment 44-4-1.1
    Medical Services for the Non-Committed Child 44-4-2

Introduction 44-7-2

Uses and Disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI)

    General 44-7-3.1
    Minimum Necessary 44-7-3.2
    Notification to Interested Parties  44-7-3.3
    For Which Opportunity to Agree or Object is not Required  44-7-3.4
    Other Requirements  44-7-3.5
    Notice of Privacy Practices for Protected Health Information  44-7-4
    Right to Request Restrictions  44-7-5
    Right to Alternative Communications Methods  44-7-6
    Access of Individuals to Protected Health Information  44-7-7
    Amendment of Protected Health Information 44-7-8
    Accounting of Disclosures of Protected Health Information  44-7-9
    Complaint Process 44-7-10

Safe Sleep  44-12-8