Chapter 41

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Policy Manual:  Foster and Adoption Services

This chapter contains the policies and procedures related to:

  • the services for foster and adoptive families provided or managed by the Office of Foster Care and Adoption Services
  • the responsibilities of the area office Foster and Adoption Services Units (FASU’s).

See Chapter 36 for policy and procedures regarding the placement of children into a foster home.

See Chapter 48 for policy and procedures regarding the placement of children for adoption.

Topic / Number

 Foster Care Services, 41-1

Foster Care Services Best Practice Guide

Children with Complex Medical Needs 41-7-2
Certification of a Child’s Complex Medical Needs  41-7-3
Post-Licensing Certificate Training Requirements for Parents of Children w/complex Medical Needs  41-7-3-A
Matching  41-7-5
Placement Plan 41-7-6
Exceptional Foster Care Rate  41-7-7
Assessment Process - Introduction  41-16-2
LexisNexis  41-16-2.2
Adoption Services 41-40-2.1
Technical Support 41-40-2.2
Registration of Children   41-40-3.1
Registering Children with Out of State Exchanges  41-40-3.2
Registering Children from Out of State  41-40-3.3
Registration of Families  41-40-3.4
CARE Book Photo Listing of Families  41-40-4.1
Specialized Recruitment  41-40-5.1
Wednesdays Child   41-40-5.2
Telephone Inquiries   41-40-6
Requests for Non Identifying Information   41-40-7
Search-Requests for Identifying Information   41-40-8
Subsidized Adoption Unit   41-40-10.2
Subsidy Request After Adoption Finalization  41-40-10.3
Review of Subsidy Agreement   41-40-10.4
Other Functions of the Subsidized Adoption Unit   41-40-10.5
Adoption Subsidy Record Forms   41-40-10.6
Subsidized Guardianship - Introduction   41-50-1
Application For Guardian Subsidy   41-50-2
Assessment and Recommendation for Guardianship   41-50-3
Application for a Guardianship Subsidy for Sibling   41-50-4
Determination of Type and Amount of Subsidy  41-50-5
Monthly Subsidy   41-50-5.1
Medical Subsidy   41-50-5.2
Exceptional Expense Subsidy   41-50-5.3
Length of Subsidy  41-50-6   
Motion For Transfer of Guardianship  41-50-7
Termination of Subsidy  41-50-8   
Guardianship Subsidy Hearings  41-50-9   
Preparation of Subsidy Case Record/Closure of Record  41-50-10|
Annual Review of a Subsidy  41-50-11   
Eligibility for Other Department Programs  41-50-12