Parents With Cognitive Limitations

Our Vision:  Connecticut will have a system that recognizes that many families are headed by a parent with cognitive limitations who will need varying degrees of supportive services throughout their lives.  The system will be family focused, flexible and culturally competent.
Our Mission:  To bring together parents, state agencies, service providers, and other stakeholders to develop a comprehensive, coordinated, efficient and effective system of policies, practices and services for families headed by a parent with cognitive limitations* so that:

* Parents with cognitive limitations have difficulties with the many facetted tasks of parenting due to deficits in executive functioning.  These deficits may include problems with judgment, planning and organization, emotional control, attention and concentration, flexibility, etc.

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We recently presented two webinars about the Individualized Education Program (IEP).  The first, Planning for Success: How You Can Make a Difference in Your Child's Individualized Education Program, provided an overview of the purpose of the IEP and described how parents can be actively involved in the planning and implementation of their children's program. 
The second webinar, Breaking Down the IEP: Looking at the Key Pieces of an Effective Program, walked participants through the key areas of the IEP and discussed the step-by-step process of looking at a child's needs, developing measurable goals and measuring progress.