Phase I: Preparation

An agency must begin by developing a written description of the services.  If the agency decides to contract out, it must determine the anticipated cost and term of the service to be provided.  If State statutes require an agency to select a Contractor through a competitive negotiation (i.e., an RFP process), then an agency must do so.

Phase II: Request For Proposals

When required by State statutes, an agency conducts an RFP process to select a Contractor. 

There are six major steps in a typical RFP process: (1) organizing a Team to conduct the process; (2) writing the RFP document; (3) writing an evaluation plan; (4) issuing the RFP; (5) reviewing the proposals submitted in response to the RFP; and (6) selecting the Contractor.


RFP Information

  • Guidelines to Writing an RFP

RFP Manuals