Surplus Found/Seized Property and Unclaimed Goods - Police Department Procedures to Surplus

What's Next

Once the form is complete, email it to Veronica Coty at the DAS State Surplus Unit for a transaction number and a date and time to drop off the items.

Veronica will send the form back to you with the transaction number.  You will deliver the items and the signed DPS-38A at your scheduled appointment.  Location of drop off to be determined.  

When you deliver the item(s) we will verify them against your DPS-38A and sign off on the form as received.  We will give you a copy for your records, either at the meeting, if possible, or it will be scanned and emailed back to you.  

The DAS State Surplus Unit will then handle the auctioning of the item(s), generally using our local auctioneer.

Acceptable Items Include, but are not limited to:
Cash (of any denomination/currency)
Bags / Purses / Wallets 
Glasses / Sunglasses 
Jewelry / Watches
Motorized Items